About Us

Cloud2Scale Solutions is a devops and cloud infrastructure management company. We are based in Bangalore, India, and were established in 2013.

Our emphasis has always been on working closely with customers on technologies that excite us. We have helped some very well known companies overcome significant challenges and deliver their products and services effectively and at scale.



Encapsulating your application and its required environment into a single 'container' is the simplest and quickest way to fully leverage the microservices architecture. Today, containerisation is synonomous with Docker. Cloud2cale was one of the early adopters of leveraging Docker in a cloud scenario.

Docker Services
- Security design and implementation
- Containerisation of applications
- CI/CD and orchestration
- Logging and telemetry


Speed, scale and affordability:
Cloud2Scale helps you build and run scalable, highly available and secure applications using Kubernete on public, private or hybrid clouds. Building this is only half the battle. Our managed services offering is the easiest way to keep everything running smoothly. Enjoy the benefits of performance, scalability, flexibility and big cost savings of a fully containerised microservices architecture running on Kubernetes.

AWS/ GCP/ Azure

Leverage our deep understanding and experience of running designing, setting up, managing and monitoring multiple platforms for extremely demanding clients to help you make the move to the cloud, optimize performance and cost of your existing setup and for continuous management, monitoring, and optimization. We have expert level expertise in all of the major IAAS platforms out there today.


Automate your development and deployment with CI/CD. Build, test, deploy using a wide variety of tools including open source such as Jenkins as well as IAAS specefic tools such as AWS code deploy or Azure devops pipelines .


We have extensive experience in Docker and Kubernetes and help customers design, setup, and maintain Infrastructure to support their microservices. We have extensive experience and expertise in setting up Kubernetes from scratch as well using services such as AWS EKS and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

DevOps practice

We help customers to design and implement appropriate DevOps practices with the aim of automating deployments completely, increasing the frequency of deployments, reducing and eliminating failure rates of releases, shortening the lead time for fixes and improving the meantime to recover from failures. This includes designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines, Effective logging, Monitoring metrics, high availability and scalability

SysOps and support

Our primary aim here is to enable customers to deploy, manage, and operate scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems on IAAS providers such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.
We help customers select the appropriate service (such as Autoscaling, DB as a service, etc based on computing, data, and security requirements. We then Identify appropriate use of operational best practices recommended by the IAAS service providers themselves as well as several that we have learned from experience.

Management and monitoring

We provide 24X7X365 management and monitoring of IT infra to our customers, We follow a well defined SLA based service model to ensure that all critical components, services, and metrics are maintained

Consulting Services

Setting up new infra on the cloud? , Migrating to the cloud? Looking at containerizing your applications? Want to improve performance and availability? Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you.

Consultancy services
- Application and infrastructure performance
- Security optimisation
- Application re-architecture to microservices
- IAAS cost optimisation
- Continious Integration and deployment
- Logging and application/infrastructure performance monitoring
- Migration strategy
- Customised requirements for specefic problems. Video transcoding case study

Client List

Our engagements range from large and well known companies to dynamic startups, giving us the unique opportunity to work on a wide variety of technologies and solve diverse problems.

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